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The Journey

You must read this in Wolverine’s voice. My name is Imran, I am not claiming to be the best at what I do, but what I do is very straight forward. I am a web designer by profession with a Masters degree in Computer Science. I am an artist that falls in love with any new thing he come across (fits best with the opposite gender, for the sake of compliments only, I fall in love on daily basis). I am the most middle-class man you could ever come across, but am trying my best to climb the ladder.

My journey started in December of 1983, which makes me years old now (for the record purpose this digit is printed here with Javascript). Before I brag more about myself, I welcome you to my personal space. This is my world, and you can read about my writings and life experiences in this place, I also write at Medium.

My inspiration comes mainly from nature and different people of their respective areas. I dedicate everything related to me to my mother, no one is dearer to me then her, mostly because she is the most innocent person and she is the only one I am afraid of losing.

Some people that I would like to enlist here, that I look for in terms of practical advice are:

  • Elliott Hulse
  • Miyamoto Musashi (The book of five rings)