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Why I am killing my confusions?

by Imran Ali - 27-Jun-2018

Confusion is a state of mind, when a person is not able to make decision, and in mostly cases force us to pick the wrong choice among many options. It is one of the biggest enemy of a person's overall growth, because it puts the berrier of ignorance over our mind.

I am saying this all because I have been a confused person since I came into my senses. You can say I stepped into maturity only recently when I killed and buried some of my biggest confusions in the year 2018. I am 34 years old, and just because of the murder of my confusions I see the world differently. I can distinguish between the right and wrong easily, I have shattered my ignorance glasses this year, now I don't judge people for their looks and beliefs and moral ethics.

Previously I was of very conservative school of thought, I used to be of the opinion where I would tag people good and bad based upon their following of the religion, I was a judgmental person, religious people were the only good guys of the society for me. But then I realized we impose our self over others, which is a bad idea and leads to a confused state of mind.

Don't get me wrong when I say all this, mostly about religion and moral values because I have nothing but respect for it and I am not afraid to accept that some of the best advices I received are from my religious circle, that includes my family and friends. But as a muslim I think we must start thinking rationally and should open up about our thoughts. The process of transforming an ignorant mind like myself to a not so self-righteous one may be a damn slow one but it is the need of time. The best result the killing of my confusions brought for me is the writing of this article itself, I was not able to write a single sentence a couple of days ago.

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