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Why experiment with training?

by Imran Ali - 26-Jun-2018

For achieving self-betterment you and I have to work our butts off. It is as simple as that and can occassionally become so complicated that you will want to give up. That is when the real struggle begins, it is when you try to find your weakness and start looking for a solution.

Looking for a solution is a doorway to experiments. New experiences is a mandatory step to progress. It is not the overnight success even for those who are considered genetically gifted, here I am referring to the Athletes and Marines, why are they so good at what they do? Everyone is a novice at some stage of his / her life. The reason behind such people’s success is the experimentation in their training routines.

I will try to put myself as an example, an year ago I was not able to perform 10 regular push-ups in a row. A continues jog of 2 minutes would get me tired easily. It is when I realized that something is missing that needs fixing. During the same year I have experimented so much with my training methods, I have switched jogging with fast sprints and embedded fighters, and wrestler routines in my training. The aim is to achieve short term goals, because it will help me in achieving my long term goals. The mentality now with me is, its either I am achieving them or will get killed during the process of transformation.

This mentality of experimentation is to be adopted in every aspect of our lives (specially if you are someone who consider himself as an Average Joe like me). If you are that someone who seeks improvement in your work or someone looking for a better body, you must not stop experimenting. Our aim should be only to get better while competing with no one but ourselves, remain humble and never to let go the hand of patience, the results will come.

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