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Who actually is running the show?

by Imran Ali - 01-Jul-2018

The intelligence of the human mind is bloody amazing, but the overall game of power is a dirty game that people have no other choice but of to play it. The last 8 years were among the toughest for me in terms of mental health, the mental tension that I have gone through in these 8 years cannot be explained in words, but I will do my best.

It is mostly related to the working environment that I am in and the politics that is going on in my office and the country that I am a citizen of. To clarify the overall scenario to the readers I will say that figuratively, quantitatively or by any other mean I am not able to figure out or explain how the organisations and the country is running. It is not that I am looking for cracking the code of society but it is mostly related to the people who are running the show for us, those we call the elites or the “Top 1 percent of the 1 percent”.

The top 1% of the 1% is a statement I first heard in a TV Show called, Mr. Robot. It is a show after The Matrix that I will say has blown my mind up so much that I cannot contain the continuous thoughts that my mind is generating. The events in the show can be well fitted anywhere in the society. Although I may sound like a another person inspired by the conspiracy world but in the corporate world that we all are living in is run exactly the show portrayed it to be.

You can also judge me for being impressed by the lead character of the show and you have my permission to blame me for imitating him but to me it is more than that. The difference here will be “Elliott” knows what he and who he is up against, on the other hand we don’t know who actually the enemy is, our confusion at first will be to find out who actually is running the show.

The chaos and the judiciary situation of our country and society is evident that something is not right with it. From personal perspective I can assure you that I am financially and physically doing well, but when I see the struggles of the people in my surroundings, how easily can they be manipulated just with a smirk on one’s face or the color of the dress another person wear, the car he drives or any other materialistic concept the society has for us. Seeing this not only do I become sad but empathetic thoughts so deep takes over me. But at the same time when I see the same people fighting over pity political or religious issues it made me realise that people are enemies of themselves. Most of the time it is the personal egoistic battles that we fights but we are fighting them for the sake of others, which should not be the case. Battles first should be won from the inside. Here I will not be proposing any solution for any problem because I think that would be imposing my beliefs over you. But I have a plan of proposing this self-centric, selfish but practical idea mainly into the minds of those I hold dear to me, mainly because I have seen them suffer enough. Sufferings should be reserved for the manipulative bastards that live among us as elites and divides us on the basis of religion, caste, colour of the skin, and the sexual orientation of a person. Because these are the main aspects in our society that they are control us with. I know many of us at this stage loved to be controlled, I can say this because I was once among such people. We must put forward a system so better in which a person should not fear death and should be in continuous war with no one other but his self. This way we will be killing our own demons of the mind and concentrate more on what actually is wrong with us as a person.

I will conclude this story by saying that I have seen brilliance and intelligence in almost every other mind that I tried to explore in this short period of time, most of them are being controlled by external thoughts related to fear of different kinds; the control is so powerful that they cannot think freely and living life miserably, this has to change, we must change for the sake of our coming generation, we must crack this code of control and find out who actually is running the show, that can only be done once we start controlling our very own thoughts.

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