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The quality of knowing that you know nothing

by Imran Ali - 18-Sep-2018

A couple of months ago, I was a typical closed minded delusional guy who thought he knows about every other topic of discussion, be that anything, from science to philosophy to other real world problems. I was like an undisputed champion of everything, a kind of a guy who has the answer to almost every question you could come up with – or a person who had a typical conclusive arguments painted in his mind. A typically dangerous and ignorance oriented mentality. To highlight the issue further, I had been a toxic person for much of my life. I can say this because during a routine discussion with colleagues and people from my social circle, I used to take statements very personally, my way of approaching topic was different back then. Most of the time my egoistic knowing all attitude used to put me in difficult situations (I personally believe this is one of the prime reason for hesitant people with social anxiety).

Then comes the time in the beginning of the year 2018, when as a result of certain connected events, an intelligence explosion occurs in my brain and I started working on my personality building. Apart from the ego which I considered a big enemy (big thanks to articles of Ryan Holiday and the likes of Jordan Peterson), what puts me in the mediocre state of professional and my personal life was because of my overly-constrained mind. Don't get me wrong I still consider myself an immature when I engage in any new activity and the outcome I expect from it. But in comparison of to my previous ways of handling situations it is now to close an activity or conversation with newly raised questions instead of answers, which is the more scientific way of learning.

After the intelligence explosion of my mind, I quite frequently joke around with my wife by telling her of how I now have these feelings of a small inquisitive child – the point is I have recently just recently started to learn how to basically Learn things. The adaptable habits that are working miracles for me includes reading more and more plus writing and looking to improve it in a quality oriented time efficient way (you can see that by comparing my writings in more of a critical way by going through my articles). That being said I have my fears and weaknesses sorted out.

I will recapitulate my article by sharing a commonly conveyed advice but in a different way that in order to progress you must filter out your weaknesses and fears (facing them is in the second phase of self-improvement). To an extent I think I now have my fears and weaknesses filtered out in the first phase. I would tell you to stop wasting time, and not to let go of anything educational unnoticed – learn the art of learning, become a student for eternity, do justice to your studies. It is never too late to take back the control of your mind, raise more questions only then will your mind open up. I am not going to say that I have fortnightly started climbing the ladders of progress by adopting these few habits but I can tell you frankly that I am not an easy guy to manipulate now, which for me is the best outcome so far.

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