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The fundamental civil attribute missing from us

by Imran Ali - 19-Jul-2018

Before you start reading my story, I would want you to excuse me for my very novice writing and grammar skills, that is because I am a novice in every field of life, and I assure you that I will get better, that being said let us begin:

In the fast pace world of today everything seems important to us because of the control media has on us. Patience is the key attribute of every civilized nation in the world. It is a necessary element missing from society these days. The world gives the example of Japan because their civil sense is unmatchable in the world and they are the undisputed champions in this area. In my essay or article I will be mostly talking about Pakistani society because this is where I from.

The chaos I see in my surroundings gives me the feeling that every single individual is running a race against time. People are always in hurry; even at places and events where there is less time saving is needed. In reality we actually are in race with ourselves. Just because of this impatience we neglect rules and regulation. As an example I will be quoting this story of just yesterday, I was at St. Patrick's College for my NTS GATS test (A necessary test for Master's Degree in most of the universities in Pakistan). So, I saw this young fellow hiding two of his cell phones in his hand bag when it was clearly instructed on the admit card not to bring the cell phones and other kinds of gadgets at the test center. We actually made fool of ourselves, the guy was caught during the snap checking and had to surrender his cell phones. You must be thinking how is this connected with patience in any way), allow me to explain, it was not easy for him to keep his two phone away even for a matter of 120 minutes, the test is of logical pattern, you may think of me as a judgmental person, but 120 minutes for anyone must not be an issue for someone to keep away from certain objects. It is because of our impatience that we break traffic laws, about which my father is of opinion, that the quantitative factor of how much of a civilized nation in reality is (I will mention as an example here, It is so easy for us to take the wrong side of the road considering it as our right, I have literally experience an elderly person hitting me from the wrong side of the road and instead of showing embarrassment, he came angrily at me and the other by standers, I am in no way making any complaints but these are very basic rules of a civilized society).

I would also like to write an opinion of a dear friend of mine, he says a work is not considered work if it is done in a timely manner. Long queues of crappy unnecessary procedures are a routine in our region. These procedures can easily be re-created for the easiness of the common man, here I am mentioning the abusive approach of our existing system, we at the moments are hi-jacked by different mafias at every corner of the country, these mafias should be dealt with iron hands otherwise this already collapsing nation will continue to collapse. I am saying all this because we are showing patience at the wrong places while there are areas which are in needs of our attention, as long as we don't show respect our situation remain stagnant.

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