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The birthplace of our critical thinkers

by Imran Ali - 21-Jul-2018

Schools are the birth place of critical thinkers of the future, nations around the world put so much experimentative efforts in this sector alone, this essay is not about a comparison of any schooling system, it is about a sequence of patterns that our public schools are going through for the past 40 plus years, and questioning our individual efforts in breaking these sequences. A couple of weeks ago, I promised myself that I will never complain or show resentment against anything or anyone. But today on 20-Jul-2018, I am breaking my promise because of an experience I have gone through. An experience that the children of this nation is going through on regular basis. I also promised myself that I will kill all of my confusions by keeping less and less burden over my head but here I am confused and clueless once again. This is my story from yesterday, the story is about the general elections that are going to be held on 24th of July 2018, some of my friends are going to perform duties as Presiding officers in different constituencies of the area I am currently living in (known as Keamari). I had to take my friends to their respective polling stations because this will be their first time participating in a large scale national event (they are uncertainly concerns in so many ways, the situation of the school is one of those). I feel so sad writing this that our situation in the past 40 years has not changed a bit, and that we are a stagnant nation in terms of progress, I will be posting some photos while I write this article in order for you to understand the situation clearly.

This torture that my children have been given in the name of education is the sole reason behind my confused state of mind, I am unable to point out the culprit, is it either me as an individual, or is it the society in general, or the leadership that we elect through our votes. Why are the patterns not changing for our people. My siblings studied under the same circumstances about 30 years ago, the situation today is same as it was about 30 years ago or may be worse.

Before I continue further, let me confess that my children are living a well balanced life, my daughter is studying in one of the best school of Karachi (Bahria College N.O.R.E), the point of mentioning this here is not to impress anyone but it is difficult for me to differentiate among children. I don’t know what to make of this as my heart and mind is not ready to accept the fact that we as a nation are prospering. In this same area Keamari when I see candidates running election campaigns in unimaginably expensive vehicles, with armed personnel and loud music, showing their might and power. I don’t see individuality in the people, we are unaware of our basic needs, and we don’t know who to demand it from, we are herd of sheep controlled by shepherds in the name of democracy or in the name of religion or guns, we are blackmailed by different mafias.

We are selfish beyond limits, we talk about corruption all the time, just last week when I was attempting this test for the 5th time, a very close relative of mine advised me to look for a Jugaad (here it means, shortcut or illegal way of doing something). I wasn’t expecting this suggestion from that specific person. The same person after a moment sent me bunch of photos of a corrupt Politician. We think we can buy anything with money, while this is not the case, the test is not a matter of life or death or passing that test will not guarantee me happiness, yes the suggestion kill me every time I think of it. I meant this when I talk about individuality.

I am recapitulating this article with these couple of questions that I would like you to answer if you can:

Why is it a school (a birth place of critical thinkers), under so bad condition while our houses, shopping malls and our worship places can be licked out with tongues?

Who is responsible of our backwardness?

Are we going to be made fool of our entire life?

When will these patterns of misery change for our children?

Excuse me for my language but please don’t give me the bullshit by saying that Gems are extracted from coal mines, and that everything is moving in the right direction. As an individual I am going to play my role in making it better firstly by casting my vote once again in the upcoming elections on 24th July 2018, and by visiting this specific school every month or two, this is the least I can do, because I am a believer in democracy and I will keep on updating you about the situation, I believe it is never too late to start something constructive on of my priority now will be paying a visit to this school every now and then.

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