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Habits that are bringing positive changes for me

I am no expert in any of these adapted habits but they are to some extent bringing positive changes in my life, although I also believe that somewhere at some time I lost hold of some of these attributes and habits but I am a believer of the statement "it is never too late to start something". I would also like to mention here that none of these terms are newly introduced by me and I will mainly be focusing on my personal experiences associated with these habits.

The quality of knowing that you know nothing

by Imran Ali - 18-Sep-2018

A couple of months ago, I was a typical closed minded delusional guy who thought he knows about every other topic of discussion, be that anything, from science to philosophy to other real world problems. I was like an undisputed champion of everything, a kind of a guy who has the answer to almost every question you could come up with – or a person who had a typical conclusive arguments painted in his mind.

The birthplace of our critical thinkers

by Imran Ali - 21-Jul-2018

Schools are the birth place of critical thinkers of the future, nations around the world put so much experimentative efforts in this sector alone, this essay is not about a comparison of any schooling system, it is about a sequence of patterns that our public schools are going through for the past 40 plus years, and questioning our individual efforts in breaking these sequences.

The fundamental civil attribute missing from us

by Imran Ali - 19-Jul-2018

Before you start reading my story, I would want you to excuse me for my very novice writing and grammar skills, that is because I am a novice in every field of life, and I assure you that I will get better, that being said let us begin:

Who actually is running the show?

by Imran Ali - 01-Jul-2018

The intelligence of the human mind is bloody amazing, but the overall game of power is a dirty game that people have no other choice but of to play it.

Becoming a stranger to my parents

by Imran Ali - 29-Jun-2018

In my native language Pushtu there is this proverb, which goes something like, “If you want to reveal the true identity of someone, go out on a long journey with him”.

Why I am killing my confusions?

by Imran Ali - 27-Jun-2018

Confusion is a state of mind, when a person is not able to make decision, and in mostly cases force us to pick the wrong choice among many options.

Why experiment with training?

by Imran Ali - 26-Jun-2018

For achieving self-betterment you and I have to work our butts off. It is as simple as that and can occassionally become so complicated that you will want to give up.